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Kaspar Dahlqvist

Name: Kaspar Dahlqvist
Nicole, my nymph!
Other Bands:
Stormwind, Sahara
Musical History:
Aah... I got my first synth at the age of 15, and almost immediately started a band called the Maybe's. A couple of years later I joined Wanted, my first metalband. Numerous bands followed and suddenly I found myself in Treasure Land, a progressive metalband, with whom I released two CDs. Then came Stormwind and sweeped me away into the realms of pure neoclassic metal; our third CD is soon to be released. And this is where I finally landed: in the great halls of Dionysus, where food is never sparse and wine is in abundance. A place to stay and a place to enjoy...
In addition to this I also work with a little project on my own. I call it the fairytale/fantasy project. Lot's of synths, airs and melodies. I hope it'll be ready sometime next year...

Hobbys: I run. Usually two Swedish miles a week, but sometimes less... I'm also an addict of Java, and have a part time work as a instructor in the Java programming language. I love to travel, and try to go abroad as often as possible. I hope this year will see me in Israel, but I'm not yet sure.
Fav. Drink:
Tea. You mightn't think that you can get addicted to tea, but I can assure you that's wrong...
Fav. Food:
Whoppers. No doubt about it. But an occasional Greek salad is always welcome!
Top 5 Metal Albums:
I'm no true heavy-metal dude, but I can still shock you...
1) Anything with Steve Vai
2) The Adventures of Bumblefoot - Ron Thal
3) Surfing with the Alien - Joe Satriani
4) Images and Words - Dream Theater
5) V - Symphony X

Favorite Websites with link:
Anybody is welcome to www.javaranch.com for the 'round up' game..!
[email protected]
last update: 4/10/2002