Magnus "Nobby" Noberg

Olaf Hayer
Kaspar Dahlqvist

Name: Magnus "Nobby" Noberg
Age: 33
Family: Girlfriend Annica
Hometown/Country: Bålsta/Sweden
Instrument: Bass
Other Bands: At the moment all energy is put into this band, exept a cover band called "King Cash" in which Johnny and i are out playing club gigs in the weekends.
Musical History: Me and my basses been messing around in various constellations and musical styles sins i was 12, even tryed as a rockguitarist for a while (that's when i met Johnny,he was my guitar teacher) In 94 i released my first CD "Chased by time" with the group Nation,- 96 the second "Without remorse", and here we are today on the way out takin' the world by storm with my new friends in Dionysus. ;-)
Hobbys: I have to put the music and playing under this one, cause it always has been the main thing in my life( and as long as it doesn't pay my rent it falls under "Hobby") Besides from that, i really enjoy goin' downhill skiing together with Annica,
and last year i got certificate for flying soaringplane.
Fav. Drink: Why not ein Weissbier mit ein Obstler together with Olaf and Petra, and if i can't have that i would like to have a Single malt highlander.
Fav. Food: Realy "hot" Thai food (ok Anders, and a big mac too)
Top 5 Metal Albums: Maby not all metal, but here they are * Van Halen "Fair warning" * Rush "Exit stage left" * Dream Theater "Images and words" * Yngwie "Odyssey" * King's X "Dogman"
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E-Mail: [email protected]
last update: 4/10/2002