Olaf Hayer

Olaf Hayer
Kaspar Dahlqvist

Name: Olaf Hayer
Family: married, one son
Other Bands:
Luca Turilli, Lord Byron (my hometown-band)
Previous Bands:
Chryztyne, Treasure Seeker
Musical History:
I started as a drummer when I was about 15 years old in a band, wich name I don´t know anymore. My second band was called Valerie, where I was also the drummer first. After some years I changed the drumset into the microphone, cause the singer quit the band. Then we built up Lord Byron which is still existing. Then I joned the Band Chrystyne, where I sang, I guess, for about 1,5 years. After that I did the project Treasure Seeker.Than Luca Turilli asked me to join his Solo-Projekt, wich I´m now a member of. You know the rest: Dionysus
Hobbys: playing and watching Soccer, watchning Formula1. I like to do all the computer-stuff. The most important thing for me is to spend some time with my family, and if then there is some more time I like to go swimming, lying in the sun, relaxing.
Fav. Drink:
Beer, Coke and Apple-Juice
Fav. Food:
I love chinese food, but I also like most of the german food like "Jägerschnitzel" or "Currywurst"
Top 5 Metal Albums:
1)Helloween: "Keeper of the seven keys Part II", 2)Judas Priest: "Painkiller" 3)ACDC: "Back in Black" 4)Gamma Ray; "Insanity and Genious" 5)Vicious Rumors: "Word of Mouth" 6)Jon Bon Jovi: "Blaze of Glory" 7)Bruce Dickinson: "Tattoed Millionaire" sorry, but 5 is not enough. There are still some more Albums that inspired me through the years, but this will become to long.
Favorite Websites with link:
http://www.pc-welt.de a real cool site to get all free software-stuff you need. http://www.olafhayer.com well, I have to take care of this site...
[email protected]
last update: 4/16/2002