Ronny Milianowicz

Olaf Hayer
Kaspar Dahlqvist

Name: Ronny Milianowicz
Drums and some Piano
Other Bands:
My first band ever was called Overcome and this band is still a major sorce of inspiration. I had this band from the 7th grade until I was 17 in a town called Degerfors and the bassplayer called Mattias "Dalle" Dahlin and I are still closest of friends. I even re-arranged some parts from this time into both Sinergy and Dionysus.
Later on I played in Falcon wich was more into popmusic. In this band I didnt wrote anything, I was basicly just the drummer. Then came R.A.M.P. This band was very Accept/Judas Priest-oriented. The had a very good vocalist called Peter Taxen and this guy also help me with the backing vocals on Hammerfalls "Legacy of kings". I even play with them now and then for fun doing metal-covers at pubs and so on. Then I moved to Stockholm for a year and a half and I played in a band called Saturnine wich had a female vocalissa with long dark hair. After that I joined Sinergy that were a Gothenburg-based band at that

time. (Eh..Deja Vu?) Then I started working on the musical with Joacom of Hammerfall and now I´m extreamly proud to play in in the greatest band of them all…DIONYSUS!
Musical History: I started play drums in the 4th grade. Now I´ve study at the university of music in Örebro for 4 years

Hang out with my friends at a café called "Bara vara" where I drink my coffé everyday. This is the place where I usally do my homework as well.
Fav. Drink:
Beer and red wine
Fav. Food:
Indian and mexican food.
Top 5 Metal Albums:
Helloweens "Keeper of the seven keys part 2" made me choose music as a caréer. Yngwie Malmsteens "Oddesey" made me intressted in neoclassical music and he was the first act I ever saw live. Gamma Rays "Heading for tomorrow" made me intressted in hollywood-musicals some opera. Judas Priest "Painkiller" gave me a new view of "how to play drums". Rhapsodys "Legendary Tales" impressed me a lot with it´s superb arrangements and influences of other kinds of music.
Favorite Websites with link
: Swedish metal mag that will change name to Sweden Rock Mag. And no introduction needed.
E-Mail: [email protected]
last update: 4/10/2002