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AFM - "THE NEXT GENERATION VOL. 2" [18.04.2002]
"New AFM Sampler giving an overview of the label and presenting a lot of until now unpublished songs, total playing time: 74 min."

"Neuer AFM Sampler mit repräsentativen Labelüberblick und einigen bislang unveröffentlichten Songs, Spieldauer: 74min."

After the sampler "The Next Generation Vol. 1", that has meanwhile reached the state of a collectible, the second label presentation of AFM Records will be released. It contains all highlights of the latest AFM releases (a.o. AVANTASIA, EDGUY, SQUEALER, AT VANCE...), a RAWHEAD REXX computer game as well as unpublished material and demo tracks of EDGUY, AFM newcomer DIONYSUS... etc

Just finished the studio sessions in Fulda [18.04.2002]
"The debut album of the very much wanted German-Swedish band around Luca Turilli singer Olaf Hayer was produced by Tobias Sammet and will be released in summer 2002."

"Das Debüt Album der vielumworbenen deutsch-schwedischen Formation um Luca Turilli Sänger Olaf Hayer wurde von Tobias Sammet produziert und erscheint im Sommer 2002"

The latest AFM signing, the German-Swedish band DIONYSUS, having such known musicians such as Olaf Hayer (LUCA TURILLI singer) and Ronny Milianowicz (ex-SINERGY drummer), will release their debut album in summer 2002. The songs were recorded at the Rhön Studios in Fulda (a.o. EDGUY, AVANTASIA) and produced by EDGUY mastermind TOBIAS SAMMET. The songs were mixed by Tommy Newton, who already produced both legendary "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" albums of Helloween. He is currently working on the DIONYSUS songs in the AREA 51 studios. Everyone, who wants to get a first listening impression can get this on the AFM Homepage and/or on the AFM label sampler "The Next Generation Part 2". On both you will find the demo version of "Time Will Tell", with which they got the deal with AFM Records.

News about the debut album [2002/4/14]
Right now they are mixing the album with TOMMY NEWTON who did
"Keeper Of The Seven Keys" 1 & 2, Gamma Rays "Heading For Tomorrow" et.c.

Drumclinic [2002/4/14]
Ronny is gonna have a drumclinic together with Joacim Cans of Hammerfall in Kalmar, Sweden. Date: Friday, May 3rd.

Recording of the debut album [2001/10/19]
We just got the confirmation for the production start of our debuts album which will be released at AFM-Records. We will enter Röhn studio January 5th. to start the recording of our album. The record will be produced by Tobias Sammet and the technician will be Norman Meritz who also worked on Tobias Sammets out standing Metal opera Avantasia plus Edguys latest effort Mandrake these two albums hit the German sales charts, so watch out for it sometime next year.

Show with Freedom Call [2001/08/23]
Dionysus will preform at the Moltala Metal Festival Nov. 17th so be there.

Also Ronny informed me that he will be working together with Jesper on a album for the "Children in Orphenages In Rumania" where also a lot of well know power metal artist will work with. This will happen sometime after the new dionysus and in flames albums.

last update: 4/10/2002